Ketchikan Theatre Ballet Dress Code

All dance classes must adhere to the following dress code. This criteria is necessary as a view of the body line is imperative for proper correction. Instructors reserve the right to make exceptions as appropriate.
Dancers not adhering to the KTB Dress Code may not be allowed to participate in class.

All Dance Classes

  • No superfluous clothing may be worn over or tied to the shoulders or waist. Bare midriffs or revealing clothing will not be allowed in class.

  • All students must have their hair secured off their face and neck, including long bangs and whispies. Female ballet students with long hair must have it in a bun.

  • To keep hair snoods secure, hair must be in a tight ponytail before attaching the snood.


Female - ​

  • Solid colored leotard. No skirts.

  • Pink tights. Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet wear footless tights as they dance in their bare feet. All other ballet classes must wear footed or convertible pink tights.

  • Pink ballet slippers. Preferably Capezio, Bloch, Sansha, or Grishko brand.

  • Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet dancers do not wear slippers.

  • Ballet I - Ballet III must wear full-sole leather slippers.

  • Ballet III - Ballet IX are required to purchase a nude leotard for performance use ONLY.

  • Ballet IV - Ballet IX must wear split-sole leather or canvas slippers.

Male - 

  • Black unitard, or dance pants and white fitted shirt.

  • Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet do not wear shoes or socks.

  • Black ballet shoes with white or black socks. Preferably Capezio, Bloch, Sansha, Grishko, or Fuze brand.

  • Ballet I - Ballet III must wear full-sole leather shoes; Ballet IV - Ballet IX may wear split-sole canvas shoes.


Female - 

  • Solid Colored leotard with convertible tights and/or black leggings.

  • Tan slip on jazz shoes. No dance sneakers.

Male - 

  • Solid colored unitard or dance pants and white fitted shirt.

  • Black slip on jazz shoes. No dance sneakers.


  • Solid colored leotard and tights and/or tap pants. Tap pants must be fitted at the hips and expose the ankle.

  • Tap Shoes - Tap I and II - Block or Capezio tie or mary janes. Tap II and up must wear traditional tie up shoes (oxfords) in Bloch or Capezio.