Ketchikan Theatre Ballet

The mission of Ketchikan Theatre Ballet is to provide high quality dance instruction to support each student’s talent and creativity, while developing a strong sense of self-awareness and self-discipline. We strive to inspire and delight audiences while highlighting our students.

Ketchikan Theatre Ballet has the honor of being the oldest school of dance in Southeast Alaska. Founded in 1961, KTB strives to provide the highest quality of dance education to Ketchikan’s youth and proudly presents the community with four performances each year.

We at KTB continue to teach not only dance, but also develop discipline, organizational skills, and positive self-image. Our seasoned staff has combined teaching experience of over 50 years and loves to share their passion for dance with their students.
Class offerings include ballet, jazz, tap, creative movement, pre-ballet, and teen/adult sessions.

All are welcome here at Ketchikan Theatre Ballet. Come dance with us!

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Today's SENIOR SPOTLIGHT is on Clarissa Hubbard!

Clarissa was born and raised in Ketchikan and has
always loved to dance. She started dancing with KTB at the age of 4 with creative movement. At age 9 she started tap, resumed ballet at age 12, and dove into jazz soon after. She has also done several years of Scottish Highland fling and sword dances. She loves different things about each style of dance.

Clarissa enjoys drama, music, sewing, and art! She finds foreign languages of interest and enjoys learning. She loves horses and horseback riding and has
enjoyed the challenge of log rolling for many years. Clarissa internalizes, especially since her battle with migraines started 4 years ago. She is an avid reader, sings in her church worship team, and loves walking, hiking, and talking with friends. Clarissa is considering studying musical theater and foreign languages after graduating. She also wants to own horses and use them in ministry outreach. Clarissa will be attending UAS Ketchikan in the fall.

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Today's SENIOR SPOTLIGHT is on Elsie Heinl!

Elsie has been dancing with KTB for 12 years. She enjoys taking both jazz and ballet. Her favorite dance in the Nutcracker is Snow and she’s very excited to be Snow Queen for this year’s performance. After high school Elsie will attend college and work toward becoming a pharmacist. She plans to continue dancing during college but will miss being a part of KTB.

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Today's SENIOR SPOTLIGHT is on Ashley Hancock!

Ashley Hancock is seventeen years old and was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. She has been part of Ketchikan Theatre Ballet for over 12 years. She did ballet for ten years and jazz for four. Her favorite dances were "Welcome to the Insane Asylum" and "Spaztastic," both choreographed by Jess Berto. After graduation, Ashley will be attending the University of Alaska Anchorage and pursuing a degree in justice. She hopes to continue dancing once she graduates and maybe try a new style of dance. She is very thankful for being introduced to dance at such an early age. She has made great friends at KTB and has learned a lot along the way.

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